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a wooden treasure box to grasp exhibition content in a playful way

The vendor trays playfully assist to explain content to the visitors of the venue.

The almost 1000 year old Schallaburg Castle is an exhibition centre located in Lower Austria. 

Comissioned by the museum we co-created with designer Martin Färber vendor trays (German „Bauchladen“) for the exhibition „Crafty hands / Der Hände Werk“ in 2019.

„Crafty Hands“ showcases lavishly crafted masterpieces, inventive tools and almost forgotten stories about craft life. 


Equipped with the suitcases - and their hidden stories and objects inside - the cultural educators accompany the visitors with entertaining background stories and interesting facts on the subject of craft.


Design studio högl borowski, Martin Färber

commissioned by Schallaburg

Materials vendor tray

Surfaces: aluminium, birch, calfskin, ceramics, cork, felt, PLA,  precious_plastic

Body: birch

Content objects 

blue print stamp, buttons, card set „guild history“, chopsticks,  fabric print „reflex zones“, fabric sample set, fidget spinner, flashlight, makis, sewing set, silk cocoons, thread game, yumi, 3D printed part

images vendor tray Martin Färber
images making of studio högl borowski

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