the rythm of wood - Desk, hall stand and wardrobe 

feel the rythm of wood

FRAME is as series of 3 furniture pieces that function as a desk, hall stand or wardrobe. The central frame made of solid high-quality birch wood can be modularily filled with drawers, shelves or a clothes rail.

It adapts individually to different needs and gives a visual structure to the rythm of the layered surface that gently invites to be touched and get closer. A fine veneer offers pleasure for eyes and hands tracing back to the irregularity and sensual stimulation of wood.

wardrobe & hall stand:

98 cm x 60 cm x 192 cm


material solid wood birch, decorative chipboard

surface coated

size wardrobe & hall stand 98 cm x 60 cm x 192 cm

size desk 250 cm x 90 x 79 cm 

height frame 192 cm

producer wildwood 



images: Karin Hackl Photography 

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