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Gerhard Uhlenbruck

Inspired by candies the dildo series ´silicone sweets´ is made of health-harmless silicone and are the result of a cooperation with the Dresden-based dildo manufacturer SelfDelve.

Liquorice stick, marshmallow, bisquit roll, nonpareils and fairy floss are available in small and large diameters, strong and weakly textured surfaces and different degrees of hardness. Every toy is handmade.



This toy, with its shape of twisted sugar threads and the pastelish color swirls, resembles a great deal of hapiness from a fair.


Like the real licorice, this toy is typically colored black. So that it does not seem quite so hard, the surface is sweetened with a pinch of bronze powder.


Just as a cake dough tans unevenly in the oven, the "cocoa patches" on the dildo are often brighter or darker.


Three colorful ropes twist evenly around the rod-shaped toy.

material additive-free, odourless silicone. handpainted,

different degrees of hardness

color mixed

size length: 22 - 23 cm, diameter: 2 - 4 cm

manufacturer self-delve, made in Germany

availability shop here


images Karin Hackl Photography

@ 2021 studio högl borowski

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