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Sugar has kept the profession of sugar confectioner together for centuries.

Sugar has kept the profession of sugar confectioner together for centuries. It is the basic material on which the craft is built and the culture of Viennese coffee houses has shaped, conserved and has always made life sweet(er).

„Zucker“ symbolically encompasses the cosmos and the meaning of the Viennese coffee house tradition.

It is a protective and at the same time fragile hood that covers the craft of the Zuckerbäcker. Under a sweet glass cube a cake is diffusely visible. it seems untouchable. Is it a seductive illusion or is it real?

Almost unchanged, since then the traditional recipes are preserved and still baked today. „Zucker“ sees itself as an impetus for discussion. How can traditions be translated into our time without losing its essence? Underneath a glass dome conditions are safe and constant. What will happen if you remove it and expose the pie to unpredictable circumstances?


to make sugar glass, water, white corn syrup and white sugar are mixed and with constant stirring  heated up to ~ 149°C




"Zucker" is part of the project “Taste The Now” by Orlando Lovell that was developed for the Vienna Design Week 2019 together with five Viennese pastry chefs and five designers.

In a polycreative process Berlin food-designer Orlando Lovell interviewed five top Viennese pastry chefs about tradition and how they see the Viennese cake and coffee culture developing in the future.

Following that, Lovell created five cake collages using a selection of each patisserie’s cakes and sweet treats, thereby creating a potential new cake design that plays with tradition by using the usual cakes, and simultaneously suggests new gustatory possibilities that could be endowed with new stories. 


Based on the collage and interview from famous coffee house DEMEL, studio högl borowski created a fictional cake packaging made from pure sugar and coffee grounds.  


material coloured sugar glass, pressed coffee grounds

size 20 x 20 x 20 cm
exhibition Vienna Design Week 2019 / "Taste the now" by Orlando Lovell

images Zucker©Orlando Lovell, making of ©studio högl borowski, VDW ©Maria Noisternig/Kollektiv Fischka


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